Thursday, April 9


They need home,DO kindly adopt them...
If you're interested please contact me
e-mail add:
or leave a msg at my Cbox.TQ. (:

Friday, March 27

Lucky Number 7

Cute puppies to be given out, anyone?

p/s: Pictures up soon.(:

Saturday, March 21

Time's ticking;
days pass by...

It's back to school time!
1 day to go


i'm supposed to be in Sunway Pyramid right now, hanging out with some camp friends. Sadly, I did'nt make it. "Thanks" to my tuition and well also transport problem. Sigh, they must be having fun without me...):

Wednesday, March 18

I'm bored.

I feel so lifeless...

Sunday, February 22

Carolling Pictures.=D

Charmaine Choo.

Amy Lim Su Anne

btw, thanks for the wishes and gifts. I really appreciate it! =D

Sunday, February 15

Specially baked by my crazy friend,
Charmaine Choo Lin Shan.
Edible?!It looks horrible...But, it taste good.
It broke into pieces in a plastic bag but i managed to rearrange it.

Dark Chocolate Cookies.

There was'nt any letter U actually.

Thank you...Much loves.<3

Btw, Happy Belated Valentine's day to all!

Friday, January 23

Take a break.

I'm afraid;
I doubt I can cope up with my studies.
I'm confused;
I need tutor for Add. Maths.
I'm tired;
I hardly have enough sleep.
I'm worried;
I will be having exam very soon.
I'm jealous;
I wanna be head and shoulders above the rest too.

In the twinkling of an eye, I have went up to Form 4. I miss the fun, excitement, joy, everything. Now, I've been caught up with many tuition, school activities and mostly homework! Everything seemed to be new to me. Why do I have to go through all these? How I wish I could return to the past. Well, that what way life is. I can't deny.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is 2 days away!
Can't wait. Btw, I need to get myself new cloths. Probably tomorrow, I guess?!

Up coming
Chinese New Year Carolling.

Before I end, I would wanna wish you all