Thursday, October 23

I'm missing her so badly.

Ever since after PMR, my life has been so boring. SLEEP, EAT, TV, COMP! This are what my life doing right now. It's not like what I've been doing before, STUDY...STUDY...and STUDY. At least, I still have a goal and passion on doing something. But, now seems to be so meaningless...

Life? What's life all about? Have you ever thought of it or even think why were we live here? Any idea? It just seemed that there's so much suffering living on this Earth. Friendship, family, relationship problem...Everyone has a problem has a problem in life..It's suffering. It's no where you can escape.

We have to learn to give and take, forgive and forget, no hatred but love. Right speech, right action, right thoughts. Always think positively, look on the bride side...With that,our life would be better. No misunderstanding. We could live happily.

Also, by doing something for others, we will feel happy.
Do Something!
Do something meaningful in life.

There's a say "Time and tide waits for no man." Life is short.
So,treasure the time you have now before you regret.

Be Happy!=D
Smile always.