Monday, June 2

Jungle Tracking

Yesterday, my family and I went to FRIM for my mom's company outing. It was indeed a new experience for me to see many kinds of trees in the jungle. I gained knowledge by knowing many kinds of trees and their function. Besides, it was a good exercise for me as I don't always go for sports.

The canopy walk was kinda scary(afraid that I would drop down) but at the same time it was really interesting. I could see nice view from the top. The cool refreshing air stirred and invigorate my body and my mind. My worries has gone at that time, wasn't thinking about anything. I really admired the beautiful scenery, sound of the birds singing could be heard, make me feel so happy. I like that peaceful moment.

At the waterfall, I could see many families were having picnic by the pool. The water was clean as crystal clear. Children were playing water and filled with joy and fun.

After lunch, we had treasure hunt as we have to listen to what the guide have taught us, explain to us the name and function of the tree when we were in the jungle. So, we were given some questions and had to answer or find the sample of the leaf of the tree. We got second from the bottom.:D We actually tired but at the same time it fonder the relationship between parents and children.

Parents and my another two siblings.

We had a really great time and I am looking forward to have that kind of outing again. Really fun! Oh,no good deed for me!I didn't donate any blood to leaches.Haha.Lucky me, but got bitten by mosquito! It damn bloody itchy and annoying. Argh!:(

Stupid camera, it's not working, I took only a few pictures, but Blur!>.< Got alot of nice scenery....I admired them.<3

My little brother.

My annoying sister, but cute.XD

The journey starts!

Nice roots.8)

Peace Out!:D

Good Night.