Sunday, June 1


Charmaine and me.Love her!<3

Hanging out with friends,Charmaine, Zack, Felix and me.*I'm happy to see Charmaine. It was the funniest outing i ever been this year, we were laughing all the time in Sunway Pyramid. Damn "shuaku" like just came out from the Tanjung Rambutan. But, I'm so happy and hiper as well as Charmaine. First, we went to have our lunch at Wendy's. After that, we went shopping at Nichii and bump into Kevin and friends, we went to play snooker. After movie, went shopping again at F.O.S. Finally, we had our dinner at Shushi King.

The conversation.
*Copy this from Zack's blog.Hehe.
At Wendy's (Fast Food Restaurant like McDonalds)

The kakak at the cashier: Dik....Nak makan pe?

Me: Ada pe sedap nyer?

The kakak at the cashier: Mestilah semua pun sedap...

Me: Dah agak dah kak mesti cakap cam tu nyer....

The kakak at the cashier: Dik boleh cuba yang ni...1/4lb single (beef patty) combo set..

Charmaine: Kak tengok saiz dia, yang ni mana cukup(making the kakak laughed but made me upset)...(she turned to me and continued) you take the 3/4lb triple (beef patty) with chesse combo also I don't think can satisfy your fat tummy ah~(making the kakak laughed more but made me more angry)..

Me: (saying to the kakak) Saya tak kenal budak ni ler kak...tak yah peduli dia...(forgetting what I said jus a few miliseconds ago, I turned to Charmaine and asked her what she want to order)

The kakak at the cashier: Tadi cakap tak kenal dia, tapi tanya dia nak pe pulak...? (Trying to tease me cause I made a stupid mistake)

Me: (looking at the kakak) takde la..saya cuma kesian tengok dia badan besar tapi tak dapat makan kerana tiada wang je...]

Charmaine was starting at me....But the whole conversation we were laughing non-stop instead of being angry lah~~~

In the snooker center...

AiLing: (holding the cue and about to shoot like a pro)

Kevin: Wah...AiLing...So pro ah....You know what to shoot or not one?

Ai Ling: Shoot the ball lah~What else?

Kevin: Yeah! The ball on this table know? The red balls (while pointing at the red balls) on this table ah! Don't end up shooting the white ball over to the next table's red balls ah...Like that consider foul one you know?

In the cinema, (after eating a pack of Chipster, I opened another pack of Twister >>take note of this because it's relevant to the next funny conversation)...

Charmaine: (halfway watching got excited covered her mouth and nose with her hands, then suddenly yelled together with the two pretty actress in the movie...lame...!)

AiLing: (same as Charmaine but the difference here is that AiLing used her "big bag" to cover her mouth and nose instead of using her hands)... >>>I wonder is it because AiLing never wash her dirty hands....

Me: hahahaha! (suddenly broke out into laughter when they showed one of the actor's face in funny expression when being killed by the psychopath!)

AiLing and Charmaine: Oh my god! What the hell in the world is wrong with you??!! People die you so happy.....?

Me: The way he died, cute ma... So my laughter is like a compliment to the actor lo...

Halfway through the movie and I opened the packet of Twister after we finished a packet of Chipster...

AiLing: (suddenly got something square like a potato chip instead of something "round and long" like a Twister and asked a bit loud) Why got potato chips in Twister one?

Me: Huh?? What potato chip?? (It's a small piece of cardboard thingy that look like this)>>>

Charmaine: (heard what AiLing said even though she was not next to AiLing because AiLing is loud and she started laughing like nobody's business)

Dinner at Sushi King and some conversations and interesting stuff happened (as usual with me around)...

(This is a plate of Chuka Ikado, meaning seasoned squid)

Felix, Charmaine and me take this but somehow AiLing just refused to eat it because she say it's disgusting... Then the fun part starts...

Felix: AiLing, you know this squid died just to be eaten by you?

Me: Yeah lah! If you don't eat it then the squid wasted it's life already... And die for no reason... Pak pak hei sang (in cantonese)

AiLing: Nevermind la... You all eat it then won't pak pak hei sang d lo...

Me: But it's meant for you and we won't eat it so if not you're guilty for indirectly killing and wasting the squid's life... It's your fault that the squid die...

AiLing: (suddenly look like she feel remorse and ate the squid)

Me: Nice right the squid? Can feel it's leg moving in your mouth or not?

AiLing: Yeah! I can feel the squid swimming in my mouth...

Me: Wah... You brought the squid back to life... See, you gave the squid a purpose... XD

Then the waitress served the Kani-Mayo and Golden-Ball...

AiLing: (Took the plate of "golden ball" and placed it in the center of the table but accidentally dropped one of the two on the table)

Me: See AiLing... You wasted another life... Half a life to be exact... (because one plate of golden got two halves of an egg)

Felix: Nevermind... This one died for Charmaine to eat one... So it's not AiLing's fault (trying to protect AiLing if I am not mistaken)

Charmaine: No... I'm not going to eat it...

Charmaine: (picked up the egg from the table while talking to the egg) Sorry ah egg... Soon to be chicken but somehow die for no reason/purpose... (going on mumbling to the egg)

Me: (=.=) Felix... You gave Charmaine amnesia till she siao and talking to half an egg already...

Charmaine: (after picking up everything and placed it back on the plate) Yeee..... got oh oh (in hokkien it means black) stuff already one...

Me: oh oh?? What in the world...?
Then somehow Charmaine gone nuts and started talking to her jeans...

Charmaine: (while wipping something she dropped on her jeans) Sorry ah jeans, made you yee yee...

Me: What the hell is yee yee??

Charmaine: No lah... My baby cousin always say yee yee when she go toilet... She's like sayin :"yer... yee yee err"... It means dirty...

Me: So you speaking baby language to YOUR JEANS?? (O_O)
(somehow I don't know why the song Witch Doctor by Alvin and The Chipmunks is playing in my head - I think it has something to do with Charmaine's yee yee and oh oh)

(AiLing eating shredded cucumber and she like octopus...)

(compared with this guy, they do have a lot in common don't they?)

When Felix using chopstick to "clip" the "golden ball" and just about to eat it, his lousy chopstick skills dropped the "golden ball" into the Udon he ordered)

This is how it is supposed to look like.... Felix please don't spoil the taste by trying your own recipe... XD

I know that the chips conversation was Stupid mistake!And the poor egg, sorry la...I did'nt do it on purpose.8)The squid, I seriously like that squid, thanks to you guys.haha..I saved a "life". I'm way better than the octupus kay,Zack! Damn cute la,Charmaine can speak "Baby language".*claps.

That's all for the day.

Sob, this would be my last outing to anywhere with friends and wait till my PMR is over.