Tuesday, December 2


Novitiate Programme.
I had that programme just one day after the ice-skating outing.

It was the very 1st Junior Novitiate Programme and was held on 15th-22th November which was a weeks time. It was indeed a new experience for me to join this programme. Well, novitiate actually is the period of training and preparing to be a novice. It is where you live a religious life and we get to experience the living as a monk or nun.

Our daily schedule that we had was morning-puja(chanting and meditition), dhamma talks, Quiz, and lots of free time. At first, I dont really like that programm as it was boring for the past few days. But after that, I enjoyed it especially during the quiz time. And i even had 94/100 marks for our short exam!8)

Over there, I met many new friends and learned more about the buddhism. Iwant to thank my parents for encouraging and making that effort to send me to this novitiate programme. I felt very lucky to have such parents. That's where I get to know more about the dhamma.:D

Amy youngest sis-Jasmine a.k.a SAMA and my sis-Sanghamitta

Sila= morality

Me and my darling!


Hugs with love.<3

My lil' brother.(=

Upasika Uthpalavana and Upasika Khema. We are always together...

We had loads of fun!

My cute and lovely brother!

Having Dana.

Delicious food!yummy...

Avoid evil;
Do good;
Purify one's mind-
This is the teaching of the Buddhas.

P/S: thanks to Amy who's always be with me and care for me. But, sometimes she ditch me! haha...who doesnt rite?Love you.<3

Ai Ling