Monday, December 1


It's been quite some time every since I last up date. Well, had been caught up with loads of activities going on. Practically my weekends had been packed with activities ever since the school holiday started.

Well the week before holidays was actually an outing with some friends to ice-skating. People who went that day are as listed - Charmaine, Yee Wan, Amy, Nigel, Zack, Haw Lun, Alex, and Jonathan(joined us for lunch).

It was amazing and was indeed a new experience for those who are new to it. We had fun and meeting up each other is something we find it great!:D

Pictures up.
Us at the Skating rink.8)

Alex, Yee Wan, Nigel, Char and Amy.

The girls and I'm not in the pic.:(

Skating shoes!


The girls.

Me and Yee Wan(GPS?)8)

Us with the lemon drink.

Us again. we love each other.<3

Zack stonning.haha

HawLun with Big bowl of maggie. The back is Jonathan.


Me, Amy and Charmaine. We love camwhoring!!!Whee.:D


I will update Novitiate another day.