Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas, peeps!=D


I've been busy; many activities and thoughts had happened between these (approximately) 2 weeks? It's not something bad btw. Think positive, please!:D

It was Sheer Bliss!!!
D2YC'08 was awesome!
It is one of the Best camp that I ever been(currently). HEHE, means there's still many other great camps out there waiting for me???8) I mean, don't just stick to that particular spot. Experience it; Get to know others; Learn something new! If you really have a chance, go for it!

Well, back to camp.
I have great fun, though it was quite tiring. But, it all worth it! Of course only for participants, cause I'm one of the committees now. I don't have to pay for a single sens, but effort and time for the meetings. Everything turns out perfectly fine. Since I have a group partner - Sebastian Shii. I did actually choose him as "someone that I can count on?" Haha. I'm a freshman committee; my first year as a committee. Yeah, that's why I need someone better to help me out. And the good thing is Charmaine was in my group; Sebastian's brother - Augustin was in the same group too! What a surprise!:D

To be a day manager of the camp wasn't easy as what I had expected. It's not just one snap on your finger, 'POP' everything is done. NO, I'm just too naive. I thought that day 1 wouldn't have many activities to be done. I thought I did badly. A disaster! Forcing myself to speak was a nightmare to me. Imagine that you have to speak out in front of everyone. Wow! I fear for that and some of them are much more older than me! Well, I did it. But, sometimes they just don't understand what I was saying; I don't understand either. Haha. I know my speaking skills sucks. Everyone learns from their mistakes right? I will treat these as an experience. So, I wouldn't feel so bad.:p Also, calling parents for their children's confirmation at the camp was a fear for me too! I dare not call, shivering while talking. Thank Buddha?!:D I have my dad to motivate me and chill me down. And I had succeeded! Well, good experience!

Lastly, I really wanna thank the senior commitees for giving me an apportunity to be one of you guys there. Thanks for helping me when I'm facing difficulties and they actually consence about me, asking me wheather I'm okay or fine with everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreaciate it and I've got a lot to improved!(:

To be continue...
pictures up soon!!!

p/s: I've got so much to update!!! Can't wait. GEEE!

Much loves,