Friday, February 29


Exam starts after recess. So LiBing and TingHong were teaching me KH and Seni. We were studying. I didn't know LiBing was that hard working this year.XD Then, came ChanYong, ZheMing, Brandon and WanYee. They joined us for studying and also chit-chatting. After studying for minutes, they started to talk crap and stuff. I was being asked not to stress myself and they said " No need to study la...and Please don't stress yourself!" And so I decided to join them for the chit-chatting session.

After recess, we had our Seni test. When i started to do, I was like what the S***. In my head was filled with question marks????. In my heart was pumping very fast, and said to myself that "I'm so gonna fail my Seni test". Thought I'm the only one who don't how to do. I "tembakted" almost everything. Seni sucks la! Most of the questions are not in the syllabus. Damn it!

Then, KH was okay. At least I can answer all the question.(:

And so there's another 3 days to go. Can't wait to go out.

GTG study Sejarah! Tata.