Tuesday, February 19


My blog is officially Dead! I haven't been blogging for weeks.So, now is the time for me to update.(:

17th February'08,Sunday.

CNY Carolling with THE D2Y!
I supposed to go Sunday School, but i skipped.*hehe. So, that morning we gathered at temple and the bus was late for half an hour. Oh, Charmaine and Allen didn't go; sad Amy can't go and luckily JuFone and Nigel went.=D Okay, we went to 6 to 7 houses.

One of the places we went is to the orphanage. The children were very adorable and i felt very sad. I'm glad that I have a family. People, we should be thankful that you have a great family and should be contented of what your parents have gave you. Love your family kay!hmmm..where was I? Then, we sang CNY songs and the monk gave them blessing. We have alot of fun with the children.

Lunch at Ron's place.
Dinner at someone's place.

Though, we were very tired but we really had fun.
okay, I'm lazy to type already!;D
I will post the picture another time.

Btw, do you know what F.A.M.I.L.Y. stands for?