Sunday, February 3

SUNDAY is the DAY.

Went Sunday School.
During the Puja, I was the MC and i did very badly, some were even complaining that the Puja was a failure. I admit. SORRY and please forgive me, cause i first time become MC. Guess, i will try my very BEST for the next time.(:

After BISDS Annual General Meeting.
It was kinda boring though.

Then 1 Utama for Shopping.Leon dropped me & Charmaine there. 1U was packed with many people. Everybody last minute shopping.(so as you Charmaine)hehe. She managed to buy 2 BodyGloves T-shirt. After that,her 2nd brother gave me leave back.

Though it was tiring, but it was fun shopping with this girl. DO YOU KNOW WHO IS SHE? Well, she my darling. My BFF. My Girlfriend. My Partner. My Love. My Buddy. My Crazy partner. My Laughter partner. My 'Siao' partner.

I will always be crazy with her when ever she is with me.SHE's MY FRIEND.=D

okay.GTG,tomorrow got school.
Better get prepared.
Till i blog again.Tata.