Friday, February 15


Today is Friday!LoL. I have a lot of homeworks- Sejarah Notes(I don't like her cause she teaches very fast and i don't even understand a single thing that she has taught us), Maths by LIM K G-Kilogram(No one listens to her.Kesian.XD) Oh,PN.HEAH.Hate her much!NO ONE LIKES HER, FEEL LIKE GIVING HER FEW SLAPS ON HER FACE.

After school, I went to hauker stall near Atria with WeiChee and Boo.Then, met up with some other people there too! And we shared a bowl of "PAN MEE".Waited quit long.

Back to school for SOFTBALL. We have lots of training and practises. I have learnt much more better than the week before this week. It is a interesting game to play that you have to be observant, alert. But, it was tiring too! The Sun is Hot and my face is still Red now.Sunburn and soon I will be "black chicken"

Thanks for the cup cake Kero.Delicious!=D